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Residential Patrols

SAFE 4 U  operates residential patrols. We do not attempt to replace the police, but work with the force, to provide a high level of security, confidence and reassurance to homeowners and their families within the scheme.
We offer, as part of our residential patrol package, a number of services:
- Residential patrols: on foot - our security guards wear fluorescent and easily displayed security signage - this gives a visual     deterrent to criminals and a comfort to residents
- Meet and greet service: We will meet you at your doorstep and ensure that you enter and leave your house safely and securely
- Holiday monitoring of your house and alarm response. Go on holiday in the comfort of knowing that your home is being monitored and protected by our officers.
- If your alarm is set off, we will survey the area for problems and inform you that the alarm was triggered.
- Visual deterrent - signs and plaques for your home and car. These actively inform everyone that your property is protected.

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