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School Security

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SAFE 4 U Ltd believes that Safety is essential to the healthy school environment.
- SAFE 4 U Ltd believes that students and staff have a right to work, play and be secure in a safe learning environment.
- The SAFE 4 U Ltd Scheme shows students and parents that the right to a secure atmosphere at school is not a fantasy but an attainable reality thanks to Safe 4 U.

- The security department in a school and what can be expected of it:
- To secure the school.
- Maintain and operate equipment i.e. CCTV recordings etc.
- Receive and process visitors.
- Assist teachers and staff by checking that all visitors are bona fide and have an appointment.
- Assist in the administering of emergency evacuation of the building.
- Deal with any incidents in and around the school.
- Gather and collate information.
- Risk assessment and reaction on a daily basis.
- Advise pupils and parents with regards to incidents and offering advice.
- Log and analyse/assess all incidents - then act upon them.
- Deal with incidents surrounding and connected to the school e.g. at underground stations, BR Stations etc.
- Follow up any investigations - Police/C.S.T./ Security.
- Administer the Security Budget.
- Processes all internal passes.
- Write briefing papers and present programmes of awareness.
- Advising students and staff on security matters.
- Liase and attend meetings with Police / B.T./ B.R./ CST / SMT / HEAD.
- The training of sixth form volunteers for security.
- The recruitment and training of new and professional security officers.
- To secure all evening functions i.e. open evenings, concerts etc.
- To secure all Sunday functions.
- Educate staff / parents / students.
- Help organise Parental security Rosters.
- Brief parents on how to help with their security roster duty.

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