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Consultancy Services

Safe4U offers a range of Consultancy Services carried out by our expert team that represents the combination of experience, expert knowledge and customer relationship building.
Safe4U can make an analysis of your business environment and make appropriate suggestions to further secure your interests. We can check and assess the existing security of your organisation, by testing existing procedures and running a series of 'real life' scenarios.
Safe4U Consultancy Services incorporates the following:
* Risk Assessment
* Security policies and procedures
* Security auditing, design of security response
* Business Continuity Planning
* Threat Analysis
* Data Protection
* Pre-employment Screening
* Surveillance counter-measures
* Security Training
* Security liaison
* Corporate Investigations
* Surveillance
* Executive Security and Protection
* Unauthorised occupation of property
Many organisations have evolving risk profiles, which must be regularly evaluated to generate a dynamic and fitting solution. Safe Defence offers bespoke solutions designed to match ongoing risk with client requirements, the impact on day-to-day operations and financial considerations. The purpose of this process is to provide clients with a solution that matches existing threats and is flexible enough to counter future threats before they arise.
We will design a cost-effective solution to best manage the agreed risk profile identified by analysis. This can range from a conceptual design as a basis for further discussion to a fully specified and costed implementation plan. Once the solution has been discussed, designed and agreed you may wish to utilise our portfolio of expertise or other preferred suppliers to manage implementation. At this stage we would perform a full hand-over and exchange of all relevant information.

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