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Canine Division

Meeting the requirements
The service specifications provided by SAFE 4 U LTD would be in accordance with standards detailed by the British Security Industries Leading Body, (BS7499). SAFE 4 U Ltd is currently pursuing BS EN ISO 9002 and NASDU accreditation. Additionally, target standards are set for canine training and assignments, which are allied to the highest standards by nominated British Home Office Agencies, Defence Research Agencies or military dog training establishments.
Full Public liability and indemnity insurance is covered and available on request.
Working skills of the handler and the dog
- Understanding and application of operational search procedures.
- Capable of assessing and implementing methods of searching.
- Be able to negotiate with the dog all obstacles and obstructions in the working environment.
- Identification and recognition of areas and locations most likely for an explosive device to be hidden or positioned.
- Recognition of explosives, i.e. Semtex, C4, etc.
- Be able to carry out on/off lead searches.
- Grid searches.
- Clear areas for VIP visits.
Continuation Training
- Obtaining and maintaining standards of efficiency for an explosive search dog.
- Apply a continuation-training programme for forward planning, identifying faults and their correction.
- Construction of training aids and their application.
- Able to complete operational and training reports pertaining to firearms and explosives search work.
National Association of Security Dogs Users (NASDU)
SAFE 4 U Ltd adheres to the aims and objectives of the NASDU, which are:
To achieve and promote National Standards for ALL Trainers, Handlers and Dogs used within the Security Industry and for those who are concerned with the Care, Health, Safety and Welfare of dogs within the Security Industry.
1. To maintain Nationally Recognised Standards for the training of Security Dog Trainers.
2. To maintain Nationally recognised training and operational standards for Security Dog Handlers.
3. To maintain Nationally recognised training and operational standards for Security Dogs.
4. To maintain a Nationally Recognised Standard for the Care, Health, Safety and Welfare of the Security Dog.
5. To maintain a recognised Code of Practice for the Training and Operational Requirements of Security Dog Trainers, Security Dog Handlers, Security Dogs, Security Dog Training Companies and those who have responsibilities for their Care, Health, Safety and Welfare.
6. To continually advertise and promote NASDU and the reason for its existence to the Security Industry, all relevant organisations, associations and individuals.
7. To maintain the acceptance and backing of the Security Industry, all relevant organisations, associations and individuals, for the Aims and Objectives of NASDU.
Types of Dog
Explosives search dogs
Specialising in the searching for explosives at  open-air functions and inside location. Also ability to search persons.
Drugs search dogs
This discipline is utilised where a dog has to search for substances that may be hidden on a person or premises.
SAFE 4 U Ltd recognise that in this situation the Handling of the dog is of paramount importance as the rights of the individual must not be breached.
To the same end, to avoid any 'fear factorÂ' the dogs used should be of the Pointer or Gun type, e.g. Labradors.
Security dogs / General purpose police dogs
High Profile Security dogs have proved to be the most successful deterrent available.
Due to the dog¹s acute senses of smell and hearing it is almost impossible for the  'would beÂ' intruder to pass undetected by the dog. This factor gives great confidence to the Handler in a remote and / or high-risk environment especially during the 'silent hours¹.
SAFE 4 U Ltd takes special care to ensure that all Security Dogs receive the required training to pick up and indicate the presence of an intruder and defend the Handler with or without words of command.
The General Purpose Police dog, as the name implies is an all-round dog trained in many disciplines, being bold but not necessarily aggressive.


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