Who is employed?
SAFE 4 U Ltd only employs security officers of the highest standard selected not just for their capabilities but also for their pleasant manner, personality and good attitude.
Easy to say but what does that actually mean?
Every officer goes through a period of training. This includes: What to look for, Bomb Recognition, Reporting and Description, Emergency Procedure, Room Search, Body Search, Communications, Legal Aspects, Recognition of Suspicious Letters/Parcels, First Aid, Self Defence plus Exercises involving all these aspects.

Is this updated?

Yes, we regularly meet to practice self defence techniques, inform SO's of new practices and update them on legal requirements and ensure they attend regular instructive lectures such as 'Know Your Enemy' etc. 

How are the SO's recruited?
SAFE 4 U Ltd recruits specialists within and outside of the security sector and ex-armed forces both in the UK and abroad.
If they come from these 'special' groups why do you need to train them?
Everyone has differing degrees of training and experience. By going through our internal training, we can ensure all our personnel are of a high and uniform standard. This also helps us to know that only a specific calibre of personnel is part of our organisation.

Are you insured for the work?
Yes, we are fully insured. We are very conscientious and clear about this. As our work (by its very nature) can be dangerous, no reputable company can afford to slip up or ignore this important issue. All too often shops, offices and business think that employing 'in house security' means that it will come under their normal employers insurance, this is simply not the case and a dangerous assumption to make.  SAFE 4 U Ltd has full employers, public liability and indemnity from a specialist company in security insurance. Details of this are available on request.

What happens next if I want security?

SAFE 4 U Ltd would never just send a security officer to your establishment and hope all is well!
Firstly, a SAFE 4 U Ltd representative would liaise with you to find out what you are looking for and then we can work out how best to achieve that. A package will be tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

What does this include?

We would help prepare job specifications, if they are not already in place, defining the role required. We would devise a 'Site Manual' that would include all the aspects of the job, the building /area, emergency procedures and general facilities of the building i.e. fire points, evacuation plans and emergency contingency plan. We would also establish back up officers.

What are back up officers?
One of the great advantages of having SAFE 4 U Ltd is the continuity of our work. Unfortunately, on occasion even our Security Officers may fall ill! However, in this instance you can rest assured that a replacement familiar with your site, and the work specified, will be available as soon as possible, and he/she will be of similar disposition and to the same security standard.

What will he/she or they wear?

This is entirely up to you. To help you we have included a series of photo examples but you do not have to stick to these designs - you might have one of your own.

What about reliability?

As we mentioned we have back up officers. Another of the main points that is adhered to in all aspects of SAFE 4 U Ltd work is time keeping. It is something we place very high on our agenda. We pride ourselves on arriving early. We now have a management rota system in operation. This means our officer must check in on arrival and departure. This ensures good punctuality. We are also flexible so that if those last minute meetings have to take place, you can rest assured that they can be covered.

But what if my company is not very large?
It does not matter how small or large your company is. As mentioned earlier, the security solution will be designed to suit your particular requirements and budget constraints.

Would there be a lot of disruption employing security?
Like all new faces and/or new procedures, there is bound to be a little disruption, especially if staff have not experienced security before. However, planning, information and education of the staff keeps this to an absolute minimum.

What other benefits are there to using SAFE 4 U Ltd?
The site manual we prepare, our quality of staff, our high standard of training, general back up, insurance, conforming to Government standards means that you know that you are receiving a professional security solution. Our experience and excellence in our field will give you the peace of mind.

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